Just finished writing another answer to a discussion question for my masters class. I feel like it was another useless post that I barely learned anything on. I didn’t have time to do the associated reading, so I had to do what I’ve done a lot lately and just go directly to where I knewContinue reading “Same”

“Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.” Denzel Washington

I found this quote looking for another quote by Denzel, but this one struck me harder. Currently I am having a very difficult time in doing the things I need to be doing. Simple, stupid, everyday adult things. Brushing my teeth, getting up on time, working out, not over eating, eating the right type ofContinue reading ““Do what you have to do, to do what you want to do.” Denzel Washington”

An Answer

I was answering a question and realized I should make a post out of it because it is truly how I feel sometimes. The question was : What is your motivation? This was my answer: I don’t really know what I’m inspired by. It seems to come easy for a lot of people to beContinue reading “An Answer”


Today we had my wife’s family over, to include her grandparents on her dad’s side. We cleaned the house and cooked all the food, all in the preparation of proclaiming the good news that a child will be born. (Sorry it’s Christmas time) We had some issues getting the squash to render down, so whileContinue reading “Proclamation”


This is just a heads up that these blog posts are going to be focused on me and sharing my thoughts at the time or of a specific day. That said, don’t expect there to be much more than that in terms of editing(i.e. pictures, colors, etc). I just want to get my thoughts down,Continue reading “Bland”


SO much to do We are about to head out to drop off a Keg that I had rented a long time ago for a Halloween party (I said it was a long time…) at our church. Normally, we don’t bring alcohol to Church, but this was for a Mingles event (we carved pumpkins, itContinue reading “Christmas”


I’m going to try and title each of these with a word that comes about from two results: It’s the first word I think of It’s the theme of the day I’ll let you decide. I also am not a fan of how I have to choose the color for my background and font everyContinue reading “Worrisome”

Should go to bed

Been on Facebook “arguing” about this whole impeachment thing with multiple people instead of doing my homework. I got two sentences written for my homework, and I’m pretty sure I wrote a dissertation on the impeachment hearings. I know Trump says some stupid shit, but he is our President. I know he has done someContinue reading “Should go to bed”

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