I’m going to try and title each of these with a word that comes about from two results:

  • It’s the first word I think of
  • It’s the theme of the day

I’ll let you decide. I also am not a fan of how I have to choose the color for my background and font every time I create a new block. If you know how I can create a block that just always has it this way, please leave a comment with instructions. But make sure you at least say hi first.

Anyway, I actually am A bit worrisome for tomorrow morning. As I stated before I am having the stent I currently have in my urethra taken out. I’ve heard it’s weird and painful, but all goes away very quickly. We’ll see.

Today was pretty average day. I got a text saying I received a package from Fedex but was unable to leave work in time to get home and sign for it. SO I thought I’ll just run out to the warehouse on my lunch break and grab it. Well the warehouse is about a 20 min drive one way. On the drive I realize I left my wallet at work… So I was hoping and praying they wouldn’t ask me for any I.D. Which they didn’t. Just my name. But guess what. It was still on the truck. SO I wasted 40 minutes of my lunch and I still don’t have my package as we speak. Truth be told I don’t even know what’s in the package. My wife and I got a new laptop as a black Friday deal but the notification on that said it wasn’t getting here until tomorrow, so it cant be that. I’m kind of excited to see what this mystery package is.

My sister is hitting me up for more money. I’ve never said no before, and I doubt it will change this time around. I just want to make sure I talk it over with the wife first. Because that’s what men do…When they’re married.

This time I do feel like she may be making use of the money. Not that she was buying drugs with it before, but she definitely has not found her spot in life and I think this may help get her out the circular rut she has been where she is now. She plans on going to California to meet up with a dude who has a dream job for her. It sounds a bit shady on the outset, but she has assured me multiple times that it is legit, and I trust her. I probably shouldn’t, but she’s my sister and I want what’s best for her. Plus,, she can handle herself. Trust me.

This weekend is going to be crazy. Stent taken out tomorrow followed by work. Saturday….Well I guess there’s not a whole lot going on on Saturday, other than I’ll probably use Friday night and Saturday to try and get a majority of my 8-10 page paper due for this third masters class I’m in right now. Sunday is church followed by making lunch for my father-in-law and his GF, and both his parents, my wife’s grandparents. Great people, and I want to impress them, but that comes with time and effort. Time I have little of and even if I had all the effort, I’m not the greatest cook in the world.

Meh, that’s enough for tonight. Till next time

Something I want to remember from today:

My wife was sick all night after she got home. I also want to remind myself to not interrupt people. My boss had someone on speakerphone and I wanted to clarify something with him. I interrupted and my boss literally said “Let him speak” and I realized I made a huge mistake. The other guy stopped talking so I had to then interject with what I was going to interject, and it turned out the guy already had the information and my interjection was nothing but me being a useless dick.

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